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The Kia Forte Koup Is One of Just a Handful of Coupes on the Market

Kia Forte Koup
Have you been to a dealership lately and wondered where all of the coupes have gone? There used to be coupes on every lot, but now, the market is full of sedans and hatchbacks. It seems impossible to find a traditional coupe. Before you plaster “Missing” posters around town, take... [read more]

Which Kia Is Most Cost Effective?

Cost Effective Kia Harvey
When shopping for a new vehicle, you need to consider many factors, such as performance, safety, design, comfort, and cost-effectiveness. For Kia, you have multiple options within different classes, including compact cars, midsized sedans, luxury sedans, a hybrid, and an EV. If a cost-effective vehicle is a top priority, it... [read more]